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How We Can Help You Succeed

Here at LM Financial we understand that it can be overwhelm for independent agents/agencies with all the constant changes in Medicare plans it can be time consuming to keep up with the changes
and dealing with all the paperwork.  Spend less time prospecting and more time closing with LM Financial, and watch your business grow like never before!

LM Financial has been in business for over 40 years helping agents increase their production by:

  •         Serve as back-office support to the agents/agencies   
  •        Minimizing cost of overhead and time consumption
  •        Ongoing in house training and support 
  •         We offer free Medicare quote engine!
  •         Assist in personal tutorial for certification (such as AHIP certification)
  •         Make sure agents training and certification are up to update
  •         Ensure commission payouts are not limited (full commission)
  •         Assist in compliance issues and Medicare eligibility
  •         Assist with contracts, commission questions, supplies or help with any proposals 
  •         As outstanding specialists at LM Financial we offer quality service and support!

Why Should You Contract

You can generate substantial commissions and renewals in the senior products industry. Literally thousands of people are turning 65 everyday. The longer you wait to get into the booming arena, 
the more business you will miss! Who can afford for that to happen? You can start selling as soon as you are contracted and certified. Now is the time to get contracted and start growing your business.

How to get Certified to Sell Senior Product

Once you are contracted, you will receive instructions and personal tutoring on how to certify to sell the products.

Lead Program

Preset Appointment program*- Grow your Medicare business without amazing 65+ preset appointment.  During the last Annual Enrollment Period, our agents closed an average 7 out of every 10 appointments using this program.

Year round Lead Program**- Available for agent level contract only. 65+ leads will be provided to the agent coming directly from the carrier.  

*Results vary by producers and leads are only applied to Northern California agents only.

**Lead program are available for Northern California agent that are appointed with vary carries only.

For more information please
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